Position Description

Application Architect/Development Lead
Location Headquarters (Carmel, IN)
Department Technology Product Services
Employment Duration Full-Time
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Application Architect

Title: Application Architect

Business Unit: DWA

Department: Technology Product Services

Reports to: Technology Product Services Director

Classification: Exempt                    

Summary of the Job

The Application Architect is responsible for designing and overseeing the structure of Avant’s software- and Web-based products and services, as well as overseeing the team responsible for building those systems. The Application Architect will directly supervise the work of the application development team and will work closely with members of the Business Analysis team to design technical requirements that meet the functional requirements, as well as working with the Digital PMO in the execution of software projects. The Application Architect must be well-versed in software and database architectures, object-oriented development tools, and agile development methodologies, and must be an effective leader capable of handling multiple projects at the same time.

Proven knowledge of product and project management processes, and demonstrated ability to lead and manage teams as well as mentor and develop staff.

The ideal candidate would have these special dimensions:

  • Passion for computer science and computer application architecture
  • Deep technical abilities in Web-based technologies, database design, and current project management approaches
  • Exceptional skills in translating business objectives into practical, efficient, and powerful computer applications
  • Comfortable in technical team leadership and mentoring of other team members
  • Self-reliant enough to perform research, work independently, and work effectively with a diverse team including domain experts and developers
  • Committed to practical use of modern software engineering practices and quality assurance
  • Able to adapt and extend application platforms to go beyond reliance on “ground up” custom coding and to speed implementation

Essential Functions

  • Leads a dedicated team of Software Engineers in the execution of complex software and Web development initiatives
  • Defines software development architectural plans for billable projects and proprietary products based upon functional requirements provided by Business Analysts
  • Works with the Technology Product Services Director to produce software development guidelines to be followed by the Software Development team in production of client deliverables and proprietary products
  • Produces base objects and method stubs, as well as unit test frameworks for newly-developed classes and services
  • Produces and maintains architectural plans, database ERDs, and object model documentation
  • Researches new technologies and processes to make recommendations about best practices
  • Mentors software engineering staff
  • May assist in the administration of Microsoft SQL Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), SharePoint, and/or Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Liaises with technology management to ensure consistency and efficiency with SDLC implementation

Additional Functions

  • May share responsibility for administration of Internet Information Server (IIS), SharePoint, and/or Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Help to create service or departmental standard operating procedures
  • Participate in Continuous Professional Development program
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a computer discipline required, Master’s degree is a plus
  • Minimum 7-10 years of experience in software and Web development
  • 5+ years of experience in software architecture
  • Master knowledge of Microsoft technology stack (.NET, SQL Server, IIS, SharePoint, TFS)
  • Experience in administration of MS SQL Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), SharePoint, and/or Team Foundation Server
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience creating conceptual and logical architectures for complex solutions using Open Source Java platforms, Multi-platform System Integration, Relational Databases, and Web Service APIs
  • Project leadership and management knowledge, experience completing technical design schedules, and estimating the complexity and duration of technical tasks
  • Business analysis skills, complex application configuration, application database design, and demonstrated ability to translate user needs to efficient and insightful software solutions
  • Experience and knowledge of software quality assurance, software engineering, product release planning, and project scheduling and tracking
  • Experience in configuration management processes, source code control, and software product versioning
  • Experience with supplier (vendor) management
  • Broad experience with desktop, Web, and mobile application development
  • Solid experience with CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, and MVC
  • Knowledge of software product management principles
  • Experience in a regulated industry, preferably healthcare


  • Professionalism, including behaviors and qualities of a professional and a lifelong commitment to professional development as demonstrated by a strong ability to manage time, work in a collaborative way, adapt to change, act in a professional manner, manage stress, and demonstrate a service orientation                                           
  • Business Ethics and Integrity, including a commitment to conducting business according to the highest ethical standards as demonstrated by an excellent knowledge of industry legal compliance guidelines, organizational ethics, and demonstration of personal ethics and integrity
  • Communication, including an ability to communicate effectively as demonstrated by strong verbal and writing skills, intermediate presentation skills, and advanced technical and scientific writing skills, and a strong ability to influence and impact others through meaningful and persuasive delivery.  Demonstrated ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences including: presentations, facilitation, user materials, technical documentation, and product announcements.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement, including an ability to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to achieve continuous quality improvement as exhibited by excellent accuracy and excellent problem solving, quality management, and client-readiness behaviors
  • Vision and Innovation, including an excellent ability to think critically, think creatively, engage in visioning, and approach business opportunities in an enterprising way
  • Project Management, including intermediate-level project management skills with the ability to provide project leadership and apply applicable methodologies to manage all project stages such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing a project
  • Technical Expertise, including advanced skills in computer hardware, advanced skills in information tools, intermediate skills in multimedia and presentation tools and programming languages and applications, and basic skills in social communication tools