Position Description

Full Time Seasonal Ranch Hand
City Missoula
Employment Duration Full time
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Currently seeking experienced, detailed and dependable Ranch Hand(s) to assist in the operational needs of the Grant Creek Ranch as designated by the Ranch Manager. Must be available to work weekends and flexible hours.

Full-Time Seasonal Ranch Hand – Early May through October – 40 hours per week

Essential Job Duties:
Animal Feeding and Care:
• Ensure that all animals on the ranch (cattle, horses, ponies, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, swans, etc.) are fed (morning and evening) and that they have access to clean, quality water daily
• Observe all animals during feeding for injuries and/or health concerns. Report any health issues to the ranch manager immediately
• Cattle: Help vaccinate as needed, minor “doctoring” as needed

Barns and Barnyard area:
• Old Barn and Chicken House: Clean out all bedding once a week and “spot” cleaning as needed during the week
• Horse Barn and Pens: Blow out once a week, clean and rake pens behind barn.
• Cow Barn: Clean and organize for events as needed
• Arena: water, drag, clean out weeds, and rake
• Driveway area: keep clear of debris (manure, branches, mud) and drag as needed.
• Pens and loafing sheds: drag pens bi-weekly, weed spray around pens and fence lines, yearly clean out of loafing sheds
• Snow removal: Plow with a UTV, small tractor, and/or a walk-behind snow blower. Hand shoveling in areas that require detailed work

Repairs and Maintenance: As needed to Equipment, Fences, and Buildings
• Support Senior Ranch Hand in weekly vehicle maintenance duties
• Check oil daily on vehicles used, grease weekly, change oil as needed, tires checked and maintained, vehicle designated for guests will be kept ready for guests.
• Keep ranch vehicles and trailers clean, neat and in great working order
• Support the organization and maintenance of a well-supplied/stocked workshop
• Repair fences and water gaps as needed, in the manner dictated by ranch manager
• Help maintain all fence lines – keeping weeds, saplings, etc. controlled/trimmed on an annual basis, as well as picking up old fence posts and wire
• Open and close elk-gates as seasonal migrations require
• Buildings: Basic carpentry to upkeep barns, shops, loafing sheds and storage sheds

Pastures and Hay Crop:
• Pumps, head gates, ditches, pipes and trailers to be maintained and kept in complete working order
• Irrigation of hay fields (moving hand lines as well as flood irrigation)
• Support of the haying operations, stacking, and loading hay
• Dragging of the pastures in the fall and spring
• Weed spray on hay fields

• Support all ranch events as directed by the ranch manager

• Cut and gather firewood for events
• Support the controlled burn of the burn pile (Spring)
• Other duties assigned by the Ranch Manager

Work Quality
• All work is to be of excellent quality, and be neat, clean, and professional
• All workspaces (including vehicles) are to be neat, clean and professional
• Daily cleanup after jobs - put everything back where it belongs
• Quality tools and supplies will be provided. Please ask Ranch Manager if you need something
• Use the proper tool for the job (renting or purchasing a tool is an option, but must be approved by the Ranch Manager)
• Drive only when necessary and where necessary; avoid driving in mud whenever possible
• All vehicles are to be driven safely at all times.

Physical Demands
The ranch hand at Grant Creek Ranch is required to do heavy work. The DOT defines “Heavy Work” as lifting no more than 100 pounds at a time with frequent lifting or carrying of objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Examples of this requirement would include activities surrounding fencing, the lifting, pushing and pulling of treated posts, ties, wire reels, and tasks related to haying.

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