Modeling Lifecycle Engineering Developer

Location: New York
Job Code: 1015


What is Two Sigma and why apply for a job with us?

Two Sigma is a career destination for the intellectually curious who want to learn, invent, and create. The people of Two Sigma – a dynamic and diverse group of scientists, engineers, and business professionals – are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers.

We are a technology company that applies a rigorous, scientific method-based approach to investment management. Since our founding in 2001, Two Sigma’s vision has been to develop technological innovations that intelligently analyze the world’s data to consistently deliver value for our clients.

Software Engineering at Two Sigma

Technology drives our business — it's our main competitive advantage — and as a result, software engineers play a pivotal role.

They tackle the hardest problems through analysis, experimentation, design, and elegant implementation.

Software engineers at Two Sigma build what the organization needs to explore data's possibilities and act on our findings – to mine the past and attempt to predict the future. We create the tools at scale to enable vast data analysis; the technology we build enables us to engage in conversation with the data, and search for knowledge and insight.

We champion a disciplined, collaborative, scientific approach which allows us to meet the immediate needs of the business, while innovating in a way that is constantly forward-looking and future-reaching.

We attract engineers with a true passion for data. We seek individuals who want to build for today and invent for tomorrow. We value curiosity and insight, balanced with pragmatism and practicality. We recognize both the small steps, as well as the broad vision.

Modeling Lifecycle Engineering Developer Position

We are seeking software engineers to join Two Sigma's Modeling Lifecycle Engineering (MLE) team.  MLE are at the intersection of modeling and engineering at Two Sigma and are responsible for all aspects of the modeling workflow that transforms data into production trading algorithms.  Some of the problems addressed by this diverse group of engineers are:

  • Scalable data analysis and visualization;
  • Modeling languages that enable declarative and conversational model development;
  • Distributed simulators and simulation infrastructure to support large scale simulations;
  • Meta-optimization;
  • Portfolio and risk analysis and steering platform.

Requirements Include:

  • 5+ years of software development experience.
  • Strong background in computer science.
  • Experience in and have a deep passion for one or more of the following areas: large scale distributed systems design, portfolio and risk analysis, experience developing languages and language tools, data science, data visualization and distributed simulations.
  • Excitement to work closely with Two Sigma's modelers, portfolio managers and others, to gain a deep understanding of critical aspects of Two Sigma's business
  • An appreciation and understanding of quantitative software development.
  • Excellent communication skills.


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