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IDDescending   Job Title   Location  
9143 Equity Analytics Specialist Mumbai, India
9141 Senior Associate, Analytical QA Engineer New York, NY
9136 Senior Software Developer (Java) Budapest, Hungary
9133 Impact Monitor Research Analyst Beijing, China
9132 Sr. Project Manager/Scrum Master Norman, OK
9129 Senior Index Client Service Specialist Budapest, Hungary
9118 Client Consultant New York, NY
9115 Client Consultant New York, NY
9112 Junior Accountant Budapest, Hungary
9107 Senior Associate, Technical Analytical QA Engineer New York, NY
9106 Vice President, Head of Risk Analytics, Quality Assurance New York, NY
9101 Korea Index Sales Seoul, South Korea
9100 Senior Project Manager - Software Development Budapest, Hungary
9097 Index Research Analyst Manila, Philippines
9094 IT Risk Specialist Mumbai, India
9089 HR Analyst Mumbai, India
9088 Human Resources Generalist Monterrey, Mexico
9086 Applied Research Senior Associate Hong Kong, Hong Kong
9085 Index Sales Specialist Singapore, Singapore
9082 Model Validation Specialist Norman, OK
9079 Administrative Assistant New York, NY
9078 Corporate Services Associate Monterrey, Mexico
9076 Index Client Service Specialist Budapest, Hungary
9073 EMEA Lead for End User Services London, United Kingdom
9071 Analytics Sales Specialist London, United Kingdom
9070 Index Production Specialist Mumbai, India
9069 Senior Index Production Specialist Mumbai, India
9068 Index Production Analyst Mumbai, India
9065 Data Management Production Analyst Mumbai, India
9064 Data Management Production Analyst Mumbai, India
9063 Hedge Fund Analyst Mumbai, India
9061 Head of Factor Research New York, NY
9059 Product Manager New York, NY
9058 Real Estate Performance Analyst Mumbai, India
9057 ESG Research Associate Mumbai, India
9055 Applied Research Specialist London, United Kingdom
9041 Senior Java Software Engineer Budapest, Hungary
9039 Data Operations Intern Budapest, Hungary
9038 Sales Support Analyst - Milan Milan, Italy
9037 Accounts Payable Analyst Manila, Philippines
9036 Data Center Engineer Budapest, Hungary
9021 Index Sales Support - Budapest Budapest, Hungary
9013 Information Security Operation Specialist Budapest, Hungary
9012 Application Support Specialist Budapest, Hungary
9011 Real Estate Consultant Seoul, South Korea
8993 Quantitative Researcher Berkeley, CA
8987 Quantitative Researcher Berkeley, CA
8984 Research Analytics IT Engineer Berkeley, CA
8983 Research IT - Team Lead Mumbai, India
8978 Senior Project Manager Budapest, Hungary
8976 Senior Software Engineer (Scala/Java) Berkeley, CA
8975 Analytic Sales, Japan (Tokyo) Tokyo, Japan
8970 Consultant, Analytics Products Tokyo, Japan
8968 Data Center & Capacity Specialist Budapest, Hungary
8967 Data Center Engineer Mumbai, India
8966 Index Sales Support - Budapest Budapest, Hungary
8965 Solutions Engineer Mumbai, India
8964 Software Engineer Mumbai, India
8963 Index Product - Asia Head of the MSCI ETF/Passive Business (Hong Kong) Hong Kong, Hong Kong
8962 Index Product Head, Greater China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong, Hong Kong
8954 Contract Desktop Support Analyst Norman, OK
8952 Senior Network Engineer Mumbai, India
8945 FPA Associate Mumbai, India
8944 Reference Data Analyst Norman, OK
8938 Equity Analytics Technical Engineer intern Budapest, Hungary
8936 Risk Analytics Model Validation Specialist Budapest, Hungary
8927 Production Support Engineer-2 Mumbai, India
8926 Production Support Engineer-1 Mumbai, India
8925 Junior IT Operations Specialist Norman, OK
8924 Client Service Analyst Mumbai, India
8923 Client Service Analyst Mumbai, India
8922 Client Service Analyst Mumbai, India
8921 Equity Analytics Production Senior Associate Manila, Philippines
8919 Index Sales Specialist Mumbai, India
8918 Production Support Engineer Mumbai, India
8908 IT Research Associate Mumbai, India
8902 Market Data Analyst Mumbai, India
8898 Country Data Analyst Mumbai, India
8895 Sales Support Boston, MA
8893 Finance Associate Mumbai, India
8892 Equity Analytics Production Analyst Manila, Philippines
8887 Market Data Analyst Monterrey, Mexico
8877 Control & Security Analyst Mumbai, India
8868 Index Marketing Generalist New York, NY
8865 Sales Operations Analyst Budapest, Hungary
8862 FP&A Analyst Mumbai, India
8855 Java Developer Mumbai, India
8852 Index Corporate Actions Analyst New York, NY
8850 Java Developer Mumbai, India
8849 Java Developer Mumbai, India
8846 Sr. Software Developer Norman, OK
8837 Senior Application Quality Analyst Mumbai, India
8824 Vice President - State Taxation New York, NY
8823 Software Development Engineer Mumbai, India
8820 Sales Specialist-Real Estate Analytics New York, NY
8816 Java Architect Mumbai, India
8811 Global Product Manager - ESG Index Mumbai, India
8808 Index-Real-Time Developer Mumbai, India
8806 System Architect – Backup Solutions Budapest, Hungary
8793 Infrastructure Engineer Budapest, Hungary
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