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Vice President, Government Affairs

Location: Washington, DC
Job Category: CEO Office
Employment Duration: Full time


Vice President, Government Affairs (Federal & State)

The Vice President, Government Affairs will be the lead relationship development and advocacy professional for the Company’s work with Federal and State elected and appointed officials dealing with issues of importance to the Company’s business activity.

The Vice President, Government Affairs will represent the Company on various issues that confront the Company and will develop and deploy a lobbying and advocacy strategy for Federal and State officials and will develop and implement strategies to communicate the Company’s position to Federal and State elected officials, other policymakers, other outside interests and industry stakeholders designed to drive the Company’s business interests to maximize the Company’s business goals and objectives. A key objective will be legislative and policy approaches to facilitate procurement of the Company’s products.

The Vice President, Government Affairs will attend Congressional hearings, press briefings, legislative briefings and committee mark-ups, where necessary, and fully participate in advancing the Company’s policy and procurement agenda. In addition, the Vice President, Government Affairs will be active in Executive Branch procurement activity, including all branches of the military and the State Department as well as procurement activity for State and local government and first responders.

The Vice President, Government Affairs will analyze legislative and regulatory developments and proposals.

Task Description

  • Develop, implement and direct a robust federal, state and local government affairs program.
  • Develop relationships with state and federal legislators, regulators, and trade associations and their respective staffs to represent and articulate the interests, goals and objectives of the Company.
  • Develop concise, effective communications and white papers regarding the Company and its activities to disseminate information regarding the Company consistent with its legislative and regulatory agenda
  • Drives internal alignment process to ensure that the government affairs function is tightly connected to the Company’s business goals and objectives.
  • Identifies key government and regulatory issues and response actions to support the Company’s businesses; advises senior management on public policy issues and regulatory matters of note and identifies potential public policy risks to the Company
  • Engages with the direction of the Company’s General Counsel outside consultants and lobbyists when necessary
  • Develop, lead, advise and participate (as necessary) in coalitions that benefit Company activity; act as Company liaison to various trade associations, groups/projects, etc.
  • Coordinate and administer the Company’s PAC, including fundraising
  • Organize, track and administer Company employee interaction with state and federal elected and appointed officials
  • Development of policy agenda with the heads of each of the Company’s six segments
  • At as the funnel to association's technical resources for legislators and their staffs, committees' staffs and their regulators.
  • Act as Company’s internal lobbyist
  • Develop/maintain the Government budget

Education / Knowledge

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience with legislative and regulatory groups, lobbying, coalitions, testimony, etc.
  • Demonstrated expertise in public policy and political and legislative process
  • Relationships with top level legislators and Executive Branch appointees
  • Knowledge of tax, trade regulation, military procurement and medical devices
  • Knowledge of Global Military and Defense Industries and practices
  • Ability to register as a lobbyist
  • Organizational and motivational skills
  • Strong writing ability.
  • Goal and results oriented.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Team Player

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